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                      SHORT QUOTE SUCCESS

Short quotes success

1."The tougher you figure for some thing,the grater you may sense while you achive it."

" 2."Success is the a number of small effort, repated in day or day out." 

3."Don't allow the concern dropping be more than the excitment of winning." 

4."Successful do what unsuccessful poeple aren't inclined to do. Don't want it had been easier ;want you had been higher." 

5."Success isn't always alway greatness. Its approximately consistency. Consistent tough paintings result in success. Greatness will come." 

6."If you do not price a while, neither will others. Stop giving manner a while and talents -begin charging for it."

7."If you need to be successful ,you need to be inclined to setup outdoor your consolation zone.

" 8."The best manner to super paintings is to like what you do."

9."Success is the end result of preperation, hard work, and studying the failure." 

10."Success isn't always final, failure isn't always fatal: its the braveness to keep that counts." 

11."If you do not bulid your dreams, a few else will lease you to assist construct theirs." 

12. "Successful human beings have a social duty to global higher location and simply take shape it." 

13." Successful and unsuccessful human beings do now no longer range significantly of their abilities. They range of their preference to attain their potential." 

14."The best manner to do super paintings it to like what you do. If you have not observed it but retaining looking." 

15."Success now no longer the important thing to happiness. Happiness is the important thing to success. If you adore what your doing, you may be seccessful."

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